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Guidelines on Choosing LED Light Bulbs


If you have bought LED light bulbs before, you already know that there is a wide array of LED bulb brands out there. Perhaps you already know that not all of them would be a worthy investment, too. If you are in the dark regarding how to choose the right ones for you, below are guidelines to help you make an informed choice.


Consider the main role the strip lights bulbs in question would be playing. If you need them for a warehouse, choosing light bulbs meant for a small living room would be a waste of money. In case you are shopping for bulbs for bedroom use, you need items that would not disturb the calm, peaceful, and relaxed atmosphere you might want in your bedroom. In case you usually read in your bedroom prior to sleeping, you should choose items that would be ideal for that.


You ought to make a decision on brightness prior to making a decision. Brightness is simply lumen or watts output. Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED rope lights bulbs do not measure brightness in watts. Instead, they measure the same in lumens. If you need a bright light, you should focus on bulbs that come with a higher number of lumens. It is always important to ask for help regarding brightness in case you are uncertain of what to choose.


It is immensely important to check the type of fitting an item has before choosing it. LED bulbs come in a plethora of fittings, meaning you need to be careful to avoid buying something that would not fit. It pays to take the bulb you are replacing with you to the store you would be buying your bulbs from. Alternatively, check fitting reference numbers on the fixtures and then match them with the reference numbers on the bulb's packaging. To know more about LED, visit http://cartoonloverandeverything.wikia.com/wiki/LEDs_(Light_Emitting_Diodes).


The shape of the bulbs is another important factor to consider. Such items come in a wide range of shapes. While it is important to choose a shape in respect to your tastes, you need to understand that bulb shape can affect spread and angle of light. To avoid regrets later, it is important to consider how your choice shape of bulbs would look like when switched on and off, too.


Affordability is another factor that you should not overlook. It is integral that you set a budget before starting your search for such items. While LED light bulbs do not come cheap, do not assume that the most expensive brands are the best.